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Are people with harm OCD considered "crazy"?

Short answer—no. People with OCD see their symptoms for what they are; they see them as irrational, and to that extent people with OCD are not implicated in the irrationality that is embodied in their own disorder (if that makes any sense). They see their irrational obsessions and compulsions as just that—as irrational. By contrast, people with schizophrenia do not see their symptoms as symptoms: they don’t see their delusions as delusions. So the obsessive-compulsive’s ability to distinguish between truth and falsity, and between right and wrong, is not affected by his condition. What is thus affected is his ability to implement his knowledge. He sees clearly, and he is therefore sane, but his will is damaged, and he is therefore mentally ill (despite being sane). By contrast, the schizophrenic does not see clearly, and is therefore insane, even though his will is intact.

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