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Are we seeing the “herd” subdue “priests” through a newer system of logical correctness?

Yes—a striking insight.

Political correctness gives an otherwise powerful rabble a way to lambaste and bring down natural elites.

And that is its very purpose—to hobble the able by subordinating them to cripples.

Be it noted that political correctness wears many masks, faux-intellectual atheism being an example. Not that atheism is incorrect, but ‘crusading’ atheists are just lowlifes who are using a cudgel they’ve been given to bring down their superiors under some dummied up pretext.

And there are others, e.g. ‘skepticism’, which is a way for faux-philosophers to bring down real thinkers under a one-size-fits-all pretext, which is given credibility by attacking the same old straw men (e.g. the odd person who denies evolution).

And these are not simply intellectual (or pseudo-intellectual) poses. They are ways of fitting in and being politically correct. And if you look at them carefully, they always target politically incorrect views, with the ulterior motive lumping together totally absurd politically incorrect views (e.g. Bigfoot exists) with non-absurd politically incorrect views.

Bringing it back to your original point—yes, it’s about the angry apes being given momentary dominance.

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