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Do high IQ people tend to find themselves in a sexual addiction?

There is fairly strong evidence that intelligence correlates with libido, i.e. that smart people are hornier than dumb people. But it is not clear what the mechanism is.

In my view, what is going is that dumb people tend to have a very cautious, narrow, and defensive relationships to the world, which involves their restricting the ways they let their libido flow, whereas intelligent people don't have to be as cautious and skeptical, since they can handle large and unpredictable data-sets, and are correspondingly more willing to disinhibit their libido.

Also, smart people are less worried about what other people think of them and are not hugely concerned with being socially stigmatized, whereas unintelligent people are utterly concerned with the labels that others attach to them.

Thus, an intelligent woman wouldn't be too concerned about being branded as a "slut", and might even take a certain pride in being so labelled, whereas an unintelligent woman would be horribly shamed by it.

The obvious objection is that there are extreme dumb sluts and prostitutes. And that is true, an intelligent woman can be a "Sunday slut", meaning that she can have a romp or two without having to completely alter her identity to validate such conduct, whereas a dumb woman tends to have to choose between being a "woman of virtue" or a "total whore."

Finally, and most importantly, high libido is usually not an independent biological variable. It tends to correlate with other attributes, such as a high degree of emotional sensitivity, that conduce to intellectual development.

All of that said, there are some very horny, very dumb people and some relatively unhorny very smart people.

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