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Do psychotic people know they are psychotic? Or would thinking they themselves are psychotic, make t

Yes, they know, at least in general. And no—-someone can indeed know that they are psychotic without becoming sane. One can know that one has a tendency to be deluded without knowing at any given juncture what the non-delusional way to think would be.

Also—and more to the point—being psychotic is not about exactly about having the wrong beliefs. It is about seeing the world the wrong way. It is about experiencing it incorrectly. Even a psychotic can typically figure out what the sane beliefs to have are. That is not the issue. The issue is that, even if he can figure out post hoc what they are, they do not represent the way the world is presented to him.

So no—having the right discursive knowledge does not by itself counteract psychosis.

At most, having those beliefs can in some cases trigger a process of psychological remodeling that, in its turn, counteracts psychosis.

In a word, mental illness is not about having the wrong beliefs; it is about having the wrong experiences. It is about being such that one so experiences the world that the beliefs one automatically has are hewed not to reality but to morbid projections thereon.

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