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Does the lockdown have an upside?

Yes. Some big ones, in fact.

First, fuel shortage has decreased dramatically, since it is no longer being wasted on useless trips to useless places.

Second, major stress is being put on universities and other entrenched parasite-pseudo-service-providers.

Third, everything that can be done virtually is being done virtually, saving people a lot of wasted time and money and also (see above) giving the Earth’s resources a much needed break.

Fourth, people were hanging out with other people too much. Yes, people are social and people need people. But society had come to be based on compulsory socialization, and people lost their identities as a result, to which they responded by clinging to others like damaged POW’s. And the lockdown will help a lot of these trauma-cases rediscover their center.

Final note: You will notice that the lockdown doesn’t prevent anybody from doing anything they actually want to do. It just got rid of gross, semi-compulsory mass-get-togethers.

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