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How do you get chicks?

Updated: Dec 5, 2020

Straight guys want to know how to get chicks. The answer is very simple: either have money and/or power or seem like you do.

That’s it. Nothing else to know.

It’s one thing for girls to like you. It’s a very different thing for girls to want to be with you. Most books about how to ‘get’ girls are really books about how to get girls to like you. But you don’t want them to like you. You want them to submit to you sexually. You don’t want their affection. You want them.

You don’t want to be liked. You want your cock sucked. And not just once. Over and over and over.

‘But if they like me,’ so you assume, ‘then the rest will follow.’

No, it won’t. Women don’t do what that they want to do. They do what they have to do. What they want to do is have sex with the pool boy. What they have to do is have sex with the millionaire whose pool the pool boy is cleaning.

You might think: ‘but surely women do have sex with the pool boy.’ Yes, they do. Once or twice. And they fuck him. Not the other way around. They use him like a little bitch and then toss him aside. And then, when the fun is over, he’s fired, out of a job, on his ass, and peddling his ass on the street for dope money.

But he’s doing all the things guys have to be to be liked. He’s in good shape. He’s outdoorsy. He’s light-hearted, free spirited, playful, etc.

And it worked for a little while, in its way. But at the end of the day, he’s a used up man whore.

That’s not what you want.

Let’s flip the scenario. Let’s suppose you’re the gnarly millionaire dickhead who’s being cheated on with the pool boy.

Of course, the narrative is that you’re being played for a fool and laughed at, and it’s your whore wife and the simpleton pool boy who are having all the fun.

That’s what Hollywood would have you believe, but it’s not true.

Here’s how it actually works.

First of all, if you’re that millionaire, you know your wife is two-timing whore and you don’t give a fuck, and you’re already screwing other women, and you’re also already figuring how to get rid of your now aging whore ex-beauty-queen; and you’re just working the legalities.

Which, admittedly, are rather thorny. But that’s all you’re doing. You’re not being punked. You’re the one doing the punking, which is why your trophy wife is cheating on you in the first place. She knows you’re rotating her out, and she’s getting in a few last parting shots. And she might even go one better and set up on spousal abuse charges by provoking you or some such.


The point is, you don’t want to be the loser pool boy who the woman likes. You want to be winner millionaire who the woman doesn’t like but it doesn’t matter because he’s the winner millionaire.

Plus, there was a time when she did like him.

If you have power or money (or both), women will do everything they can to like you. And they will often succeed. If they really, really don’t like you, it tends not to happen. There are exceptions, of course, but the point is, having the goods will mobilize whatever shred of real libido there is in those women. So you will get love and adoration, at least for a while, around 18 months in my experience. And it kind of goes south.

You may be heart-broken, you may not be heart-broken. But as long as you’re not in jail and your balls are still attached, you’re in a good place. Do be careful when you start seeing signs that it’s falling apart. Don’t underestimate what a vindictive woman can do.

And don’t negotiate or propitiate. Just move on. get out of them. if she wants a little money, give it to her. Don’t let her squeeze you, but don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

If you’re an alpha, you probably have gone the following stages. First, you try to impress women without how many push-ups you can. And then the wimp who can barely do five pushups gets the chick. Then you try to act like the wimp, but it doesn’t work, since that’s not who you are; and the chick goes for the guy who can do a hundred pushes up.

Then eventually, after you get shit together professionally, you get lots of girls, and you don’t quite know why. You think it’s because you’ve ‘matured’ or your ‘game’ has gotten better.

No, no, no. nobody gives a fuck about any of that. it’s because you have power and status. Now, if you are in good shape or your witty, that will make the girls you are with like you. But it isn’t the reason they are with you. They’re with you because of your status. They like because of your smile or whatever.

‘But what about those goof-off slackers in college?’ you might ask. ‘you know, the ones who seemed to be screwing lots of chicks? And what about those cool biker guys who screw lot of chicks? They don’t have money. they don’t really even have power or status. So that proves your theory wrong. right?’

Wrong. yes. There are of goof balls who seem to get laid more than is proportional to their currently dubious financial circumstances. But here’s the thing. That slacker guy in college who seems to be scoring all the time? First of all, he’s in college. if he’s a slacker at the age of 32 or even 27, he is not getting laid. Unless he’s being laid by some tough guy.

And the reason that guy gets chicks when he’s in college is that college girls seem him as undervalued asset. The girls who are with him think they’re warren buffet and they think he’s an undervalued stock.

Truth is, he isn’t. and those girls are idiots. But that’s what they think. And he plays into that. he knows that they idiotically see him as a guy who speaks softly and carries a big stick’ and he works, while he still can. Eventually, they find out that he speaks softly and carries a very small stick. But by then college is over, and he’s had his fun, and then he goes off into slacker lower middle management oblivion. And she goes wherever she goes, which usually anywhere good, as far as I know, but that’s a topic for another time.

As for this mythical biker guy—first of all, there are different kinds of bikers and, more generally, different kinds of outlaws. The ones who get laid are disciplined and either have money or the ability to acquire it. The ones who don’t, don’t.

Love is a great thing, and love happens all the time. And so do other things that are even better, with the qualification that they usually presuppose a certain degree of mutual love. All true. but they happen to winners, not losers.

And they happen because the guy is a winner, not because the chick likes the guy.

Get this straight. First the chick decides whether she wants to be with him. at that point, she may like or she may dislike him, depending on his personality and his physique and all the other stuff you read about in the usual dating books. but neither the existence nor the duration of the relationship has anything at all to do with your personality or your physique or your level of narcissism or your level of decency or any of that spongiform, girly cosmo bullshit.

The relationship exist because you have money or power.

The relationship lasts because you have money or power.

While the relationship is in existence, the chick may be having a good time or a bad time, depending to some extent on what you are like and depending on your degree of fit with her. But unless you terminate the relationship, nothing that you are or that you do will have so much as a shred of an effect on the duration of the relationship.

While you’re in the relationship, the chick will dummy up all kinds of bullshit narratives about how you’re greatest guy. All the things you are and do that are bad and stupid will be cute and endearing.

Then when its’ falling apart—which it will only if she feels she can trade up or cash out---all the things you are and do that are good and decent and attractive will be vile and ‘narcissistic’ and ‘abusive.’

And then when it’s over, all the goods you did will be used against you a hundred times over. And the thing she will complain about will be the things you did when you were truly in love and were being decent. She won’t complain about the things you did during the early part of the relationship when you treated her like a common whore because you weren’t yet a total bitch and you still had your nads.

And there it is.

You get the chick by having money or power or both. Being liked will only be good for the occasional lay, which, unless you’re a sensitive beta, isn’t what you want.

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