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Is an MBA really worth the money?

Yes—-if your objective is to be a corporate bureaucrat who who earns five to six figures.

No—if your objective is to be an entrepreneur.

When working for clients, I have personally done every single kind of assignment that one does in business school: marketing, statistics, etc.

Some of it is interesting and illuminating; some of it isn’t. None of it has anything to do with the realities of creating or actually running a business. It is a 100% academic degree—a piece of paper.

That piece of paper does prove that there are certain kinds of work that you can do. But the work that it proves that you can do is middle-management work at a large corporation. It proves that you’re housebroken, in other words.

There are MBA’s who are brilliant and who start and/or run great companies. But when that happens, it is to no degree a consequence of what they learned in business school—-with the qualification that their MBA may have helped them get a bureaucrat-job that in turn enabled them to finance that company.

If you are interested in the kind of work that MBA’s actually do, here is a book that contains hundreds of pages of actual business-school assignments:

College Papers Plus: Representative Work July: 2018 to July 2019 - Kindle edition by College Papers Plus. Self-Help Kindle eBooks @

Yes—an MBA will help with job security.

No—those jobs will not leave any part of your soul intact.

You’ll make $85,000/year sitting on five hour meetings listening to somebody give a presentation about how subsidiaries can teach employees of their Cincinnati office to use PowerPoint in a culturally sensitive manner.

Have fun.

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