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Is Sarah Silverman funny?

No. Absolutely not. She was never funny. She was never edgy. She is just sour and absurdly entitled.

She’s certainly been a part of things that were funny (e.g. Mr. Show, starring David Cross and Bob Odenkirk). But when that happened, she was just supporting cast—and even then, she would scum it up.

She’s an aging nobody who hasn’t fully assimilated that there but for the grace of some malfunctioning marketing algorithm goes she.

Back in the day, she was pretty cute; so she was given an extremely wide berth.

But that’s gone, and now even dimwits are seeing that she can’t land a joke.

People are told that she’s funny, so they wrench and contort themselves into thinking she’s funny.

Same story as with Larry David, who—let’s be honest—just isn’t funny. He’s just an obnoxious, self-important bigot who seems to think the whole world should watch him doing his 4-on-a-scale-of-1–to-10 routine.

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