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Is the United States a proposition nation?


It is a non-proposition nation that broke away from another non-proposition nation, albeit with the help of a proposition (this being a network of liberal conceits about economics, commerce, and the like).

The United States was indeed initiated by philosophy. But once in existence, it became an entity in its own right.

The ‘proposition nation’ meme is a weapon cloaked as legitimate political theory.

But a weapon is all it is.

Either that or just very shallow philosophy.

The United States is, ultimately, another culture, the only difference between it and other cultures being that a certain amount of political theory is etched into its DNA.

If the US government were transfigured, or collapsed, or the United States broke into 100 different countries, Americanism would still exist, regardless of the political configurations of those various states.

Russia, Italy, Germany, and China have all broken up into parts, then re-united, then broken up again—with political ideologies often being involved—and yet they all still exist.

Americans would do well do begin to let go of all of this ‘proposition nation’ nonsense.

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