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Is there any emotional intelligence in OCD?

Yes. OCD does not afflict 'cold fish.' It only afflicts people who are both sensitive and sensitive to other people's emotions. People who are emotionally obtuse or who are devoid of affect do not suffer from OCD.

However, people who are emotionally sensitive but who do not have strict consciences do not suffer from OCD. Such people would be more likely to discharge emotional conflicts through panic attacks or through histrionic behavior.

The obsessive-compulsive's heavy-duty conscience is the reason he does not 'act out.' He suffers and frets and stews--and neuroticizes ad infinitum. But he does not 'lose it' or go on actual rampages, the reason being that his strict conscience prevents it.

Psychopaths never suffer from OCD since they are both devoid of conscience and also of the requisite degree of emotional acuity.

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