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Should logical-mathematical intelligence be one of Howard Gardner's 9 intelligence types?

That’s not the right question.

The right question is: Should anything be included on that list?

The answer to which is—no.

Howard Gardner’s so-called ‘theory of intelligence’ has nothing to do with the structure of the human intellect and everything to do with the structure of American educational bureaucracies.

Intelligence is fluid and expresses itself in many ways, granting that it does tend to find certain preferred anchors. But educational bureaucracies exist to prevent knowledge from circulating, since, when it does, it exposes that abject lack of legitimacy on the part of the bureaucrats in question.

Gardner’s theory tells those bureaucrats: “You’re ok! You’re right to force intelligence into your bureaucratic pigeonholes! Because intelligence naturally fits into them!” But it doesn’t. He’s lying or rationalizing or just dumb.

No theory has done more thwart human intellectual progress than Howard Gardner’s ironically named “theories of intelligence.” The costs have simply been staggering, and they continue to mount.

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