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The Drug Addiction Myth

Updated: Mar 15

We always here about how so and so failed because he was a drug addict. Couldn’t get his term paper done. Explanation: drug addiction. Stole money from his firm. Explanation: Drug addiction. Became a prostitute. Explanation: Drug addiction.

No. The guy was doing drugs because he couldn’t get his paper done. The guy stole money from the firm because he couldn’t make money at the firm, which is also why he turned to drugs. The lady turned to prostitution because she couldn’t do anything else, which is why she did drugs.

Drug addiction exists. Nicotine addiction obviously exists, and so does heroin addiction. Maybe other kinds of addiction exist. But addiction is not the problem. Addiction is a response to the problem.

If someone is a loser, their chances of becoming a winner are better if they don’t become drug addicts.

But drug addictions are the effect, not cause.

And people do drugs because they want to do drugs, not because they’re addicted.

Once they’re addicted, they have an extra incentive to keep on doing them, but addiction doesn’t happen until you’ve been drugs for a while. And you haven’t been doing them for a while unless you have an independent reason to do them.

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