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The Myth of Borderline Personality Disorder

A couple of years ago, I wrote a short book about borderline personality disorder. I said the following. The borderline is not a psychopath. The borderline has two coexisting but distinct psychological architectures. One of those architectures is sane and adult, the other is infantile and entitled. At any given time, one of those architectures is dominant. They are not simultaneously dominant. When the infantile one is dominant, the borderline acts like a psychopath, since psychopaths, when they aren’t wearing the masks of decency, are vicious and utterly self-centered. But even when the borderline is in the grips of the infantile side of her, her psychological functioning is very different from that of the psychopath, since the borderline is driven by a craving for relations with others, whereas the psychopath is driven by a complete obliviousness to what such relations are.

There were a few other nuances, but that is the gist of what I said.

And it’s all true.

But there is a deeper truth that I didn’t state.

Bpd is basically a bunch of bullshit. Yes, all of the above is true. But every one has an infantile and entitled side, and everyone, if possessed of the requisite sense of entitlement, would sex it up and drug it up the way the borderline does.

the borderline is a woman in the 21st century. That’s the beginning and end of the matter. The borderline has a juggernaut legal apparatus at her disposal, a juggernaut media apparatus, a juggernaut cultural apparatus, and—during her earlier years—has the weight of millions of men’s libido at her disposal. Men, especially when you, find women’s deficiencies of character, especially the distinctively womanly ones, to be charming and downright attractive.

The borderline is a woman who can basically do what she wants and get away with it. She can totally get away with it when she’s young. When she’s old, she has to funnel her sense of entitlement through a political agenda or some other socially acceptable vehicle. Which she does, without exception, and which is leading to the speedy downfall of western civilization.

But that’s what about. The borderline acts the way she does because she can.

Is there something distinctive about her? Yes, but it’s overstated. Her distinctive wiring is the proximate cause of her behavior, not the ultimate cause. Women are given incentives to act like borderlines. state-force backs then when they act like borderlines, and it opposes them when they don’t. so women who are already inclined to act like that do so forthwith. Those who are not inclined to act like may take a little longer, and occasionally they may altogether refrain from doing so. But the truth is, when they manage to refrain from doing so, it is because they belong to some subculture that has its own state-like apparatus that is pressuring them to refrain from doing so.

And that’s what bpd is about. Can bpd be cured? Yes, instantly. It can be cured as quickly as I can cure myself of my tendency to wake up late. I sometimes wake up late because I can. i work for myself so I can wake up whenever I want. And sometimes I wake up later than I should. When worked for other people, I always woke up on time. if our nation and culture ceased to be gynocentric, women would stop being bpd. Some of them would retain the underlying architecture, but there would be few or no overt symptoms. And the underlying psychodynamics would also be altered, and the alterations would happen quite quickly. Because what keeps the borderline’s bpd going is her knowledge that she will be indulged. And not just indulged. Rewarded. She can file a false rape charge and be treated as ‘survivor.’ She can file a false ‘spousal abuse’ charge and be rewarded for it with half her husband’s money.

Suppose that men had all of the entitlements that women currently have. All kinds of new ‘disorders’ would suddenly arise, and many of them would relate to ‘mood swings’—which, in actuality, were not so much ‘mood’ swings per se, as they changing whims on the man’s part. And a whole menu of psychiatric labels would pop into existence with which to stigmatize women. Just as, in actuality, men who are smart enough to dump their bpd girlfriends before it’s too late are stigmatized as ‘narcissists.’

And yes, it’s women who have bpd, not men. And if it is men, it’s not real men. It’s some kind of collapsed gender-hybrid man. And the very reason that sort of man exists is that, once again, men have incentives to be like women, since, if they are womanly enough, they can hop on the gravy train.

So yes, bpd can be cured. But who would want to be cured of it? Bpd is female privilege. And getting rid of privilege is what is insane, not holding onto it.

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