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What are some concepts only people with high IQ's can understand?

Dummies don’t understand that non-empirical truths (e.g. that anything literate must be sentient) can have content and are therefore not to be co-categorized with strictly definitional truths (e.g. ‘5=V’).

In other words, dummies don’t understand the distinction between a tautology (e.g. ‘there are three feet in a yard’) and an analytic truth (e.g. ‘there are no regular 17-sided polygons’).

Only smarties understand this distinction.

Relatedly, dummies don’t understand that strictly definitional truths are empirical truths about language, and therefore not ‘useless’ or ‘empty’, and they don’t understand the distinction between strictly definitional truths, on the one hand, and non-definitional, non-empirical truths, on the other.

Only smarties understand this distinction.

Dummies don’t understand that the myths involved in a given religion (e.g. that Moses spoke to a burning bush) are just framing devices and are therefore not intended to taken as empirical hypotheses.

Dummies don’t understand that institutional distinctions and actual merit pull apart.

Dummies don’t understand that most of the concepts that ‘only smart’ people understand are in fact ones that dummies understand and—-because they think only smarties understand them—make heavy weather of.

For example, any idiot understand that no finite number of observations can ‘prove’ a universal (e.g. metal expands when heated). But idiots also think that ‘only smart’ people understand this—and they use it as a kind of litmus-test, with the qualification that, since practically anyone can understand it, practically anyone passes the test.

Also, any dummy can understand why, from a strictly factual perspective, the idea that there is a person-like God is probably a non-starter. But what dummies don’t understand is that there are many other forms that God can assume. They also don’t understand that their own knee-jerk atheism is itself a form of fundamentalism, and a particularly invidious and self-defeating one that at that.

Importantly, dummies are drawn to ‘skepticism’—a refusal to believe. What they don’t understand is that a generalized refusal to believe is a sign of abject stupidity and is to be distinguished from duly withholding belief in a given context.

Only smart people understand the distinction between real rebels and fake rebels (e.g. lefties who have the entire of the establishment behind them, including the police force and legal system, and yet, inexplicably, think they are ‘rebels’).

Only intelligent people can understand the limits of empiricism. Dummies think that empiricism (‘you only know if you see it’) is a sign of intelligence; but it is a sign of complete moronitude, since, without knowledge truths that permit the distillation of observational content into propositional knowledge, there cannot possibly be observational knowledge.

And only intelligent people can grasp the last point.

Only smarties understand the limits of categories.

Only smarties see how counter-productive and obfuscating of the truth is the tendency on the part of poser psychologists to link intelligence with their own brittle constructions, instead of trying to analyzing situations on their own terms. (C.f. ‘Skinner was smart, since he had an IQ of such and such’, as opposed to ‘Skinner was dumb, since he said that thought was identical with movements of vocal chords.)

Only smarties see that the discipline of cognitive science is a magnet for dummies, the same being true of psychology generally—but especially cognitive science.

Only smarties can see through attempts on the part of midwits to be smart.

Dummies don’t see how utterly non-edgy and conformist are their attempts to seem edgy and non-conformist—-as by giving recycled answers (‘only smart people see that you cannot prove a universal on the basis of a finite number of observations’) about what ‘only smart’ people understand

Know that the many of the answers given to this question are really to the question ‘what are some concepts that dummies can grasp but that those same dummies idiotically believe that only smart people can grasp?’

Smart people—I mean genuinely smart people, as opposed to average people who are bench-marking themselves against cretins—will know which of these answers to this question are actually intelligence and which are just the usual stuffed shirt mid-wittery.

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