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What are some signs of a completed psychoanalysis?

The patient is able to work and to love. Mental illnesses cannot be entirely eliminated, but they can be turned to one’s advantage; and the tipping point in a course of psychoanalysis is when the patient shifts from being harmed by his peculiarities of character to being benefited by them. The obsessive-compulsive, for example, never stops being an obsessive-compulsive (though the more overt and painful manifestations of his condition can and should be eliminated); but if the obsessive-compulsive is in a course of psychoanalysis that is proceeding properly, there will come a time when the primary outlet of his OCD ceases to be zero-sum symptoms and comes to be career and other forms of self-improvement. That said, psychoanalysis is not possible in a culture of political correctness, and this discuss, sadly, is entirely mute.

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