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What are the surprising downsides of being intelligent?

It’s kind of hard to get laid.

Otherwise, it’s pretty much a win-win proposition.

All this crap about ‘not being understood’ is just that—crap.

It isn’t that smart people are less well understood than dumb people. It’s that smart people, unlike dumb people, believe that ‘being understood’ is their due and, unlike dumb people, they know how to penalize people for not ‘understanding’ them.

Was Einstein really ‘less understood’ than his cleaning lady?

I should think not.

His hopes and dreams were all right there, out in the open. His cleaning lady, on the other hand, kept her hopes and dreams bottled up and just suffered quietly.

Also, people who whine about the ‘downsides of intelligence’ are people of only moderate intelligence who are trying to convince themselves and others that they are of extreme intelligence.

They aren’t.

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