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What are your thoughts on Andrea Dworkin?

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

Her description of male sexuality is totally accurate. Her description of society is totally false.

The reason it’s false is that she assumes (i) that male sexual is all there is to male psychology and (ii) that society mirrors male psychology.

Basically, she assumes that men are like women, except with complementary sexual polarities.

And this is totally false. The differences between men and women are not primarily sexual in nature. They relate to superego. Men have internalized superegos, and women have externalized superegos. For this reason, when men are working, they are just working--not emoting, not venting, not discharging libido.

Dworkin is unaware of this, and on this basis absurdly holds that society is a kind of giant externalized male rape fantasy--when the truth is that a functioning society is what results when men shift into a completely non-sexual gear.

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