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What do philosophers do in today’s world?

Philosophy professors are not philosophers. That’s the first point.

What do philosophy professors do? Not very much, apart from tinkering with a few artifacts. They don’t have to do much, since they have guaranteed incomes and don’t have to confront reality or, therefore, learn about it. And—without so much as a single exception—-they don’t do much, except on rare occasions (maybe 1 in 25,000), writing a passable book.

In terms of actual philosophers: they are not likely to be employed as philosophy professors. And they end up either being crushed by reality, for the reason as others, or using their philosophical intelligence to understand it, oftentimes with the result that they succeed in a major way as entrepreneurs. Such people often write very thoughtful books, and those books actually are philosophy, even though it won’t be recognizable as such to philosophy professors.

A lot of what we call ‘philosophy’ consists of centuries’ old philosophical detritus, not philosophy proper. If you look at what so called ‘experts’ in political philosophy write about, they’re pretty much just talking out of their hat. But don’t take my word for it. Go to any faculty website or go on Amazon an verify this for yourself

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