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What is the best title thesis and research in English major?

“Hidden feminist themes in T.S. Eliot”

“The Effect of Industrialization on the British Novel”

“The Anti-hero as Hero”

“Patriarchal Undercurrents in the work of Kate Chopin”

“Literature as Pornography: A Critical Examination of Defoe’s Middle Period Work”

“Dubious Wisdom: Why Ralph Waldo Emerson has become the Patron Saint of the Alt-right”

“Show, Don’t Tell: YouTube videos as the New Literary Genre”

“Against the Evil Tide: How Social Media has Degraded Modern Literature”

“As a Driven Leaf: The Many Faces of Angst in Post-Modern Jewish Literature”

“The Souls of Black Folk Revisited: How 50 Years of Civil Rights have changed African American Literature”

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