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What is the future of philosophy?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

A better question is: What is its present? And the answer is: oblivion. Right now, you have a bunch of bureaucrats scumming up doctrines that other people came up with a long time ago, under the risible pretext of 'illuminating' them.

And these bureaucrats are warping the discipline to validate their own bureaucrat-existence.

This is why epistemologists go on and on about skepticism ('I need more information'), and ethicists go on and on about 'killing vs. letting die' ('my hands are tied, not my job').

The question is not whether these people advocate the right views: it is whether they are doing anything at all in the way of making it clear what kind of information is worth processing and how it is to be processed.

Re-issuing centuries' old memoranda does not constitute intellectual work.

So the right question is not 'what is the future of philosophy?', but 'when will philosophy be allowed to exist?'

And the answer is: In institutional contexts---never.

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