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What is vegetarianism about?

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Vegetarianism is not about elevating people to the moral level of animals. It is about downgrading people to the moral level of animals. Primitive tribes often apologize to animals that they have just killed for food, and he very tribes that engage in this practice also tend to eat people they have slain in battle. They apologize to animals they have killed because, as cannibals, they have downgraded people to the level of animals and therefore regard animals as entitled to the same courtesies as human beings. Vegetarians are crypto-cannibals. They abstain from eating animal meat because they regard human beings as animals---not, as they would have you believe, because they regard animals as human beings. This is why vegetarians tend to be judgmental and obnoxious. If their vegetarianism were about being nice to animals, it would not involve them being judgmental and toxic towards people. But it isn't about being nice to animals; it is about being mean to you. In a word, vegetarianism is less about not predating on animals than it is about predating on you.

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