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What is writer's block and how can you deal with it?

Writer’s block is not about being unable to write what one has to write.

It is about not having anything to write.

And when one has nothing to write, it is because one is trying to write politically, as opposed to truthfully. In other words, one is trying to please people, instead of saying what it true.

And when one is trying write lies, there is nothing that one is actually trying to write, since lies are absences, not presences.

So it isn’t that the blocked writer can’t say what he has to say.

Quite the contrary.

He is saying exactly what he has to say.

Which is—nothing.

Perfectionism, laziness, lack of intelligence, and all the other scapegoats are just that—scapegoats.

When a writer is perfectionistic to the point of not producing, it is because he doesn’t want to produce, because he doesn’t want to tell the truth; so he self-censors by fussing about details.

The perfectionistic writer who is truthful simply deals with all of the requisite niceties. His perfectionism actually leads to the opposite of writer’s block, since, for him, each little that he has to deal is another opportunity to produce.

As for laziness, that too is self-censorship. The person is lazy, because he cares more about being on good terms with others than he does about saying what he knows. If he really cared about saying what he knew, he would immediately bolt into action.

As for lack of intelligence, this is not by itself an impediment to being a writer. This is because experience is a better source of material than intellect, and any given person has experiences that are worth stating and that he can state, assuming him to be of at least average intelligence.

When such a person cannot write, it is because, not wanting to offend others, he has disowned what it is that he has to say, and it is therefore no longer there for him to say it.

The honest writer may encounter purely technical problems relating to word-choice and sentence-construction. But he is never blocked, since the truth is always there for him to write.

The dishonest writer is always blocked, since he has blocked himself off from the truth, and therefore from what is worth writing, and there is therefore nothing for him to write.

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