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Why do people with superior intelligence, giftedness, genius tend to be weird, eccentric people?

First, most of the people who are identified as ‘intellectually gifted’ are actually mediocrities whose parents want them to be geniuses and to that end have wrenched them into weirdo geekdom.

Second, when someone genuinely intellectually gifted (as opposed to ‘test-score’ gifted or just plain not gifted) acts like a weirdo, it’s actually a macho thing. It’s that person’s way of giving the finger to convention. It’s the equivalent of a dumb guy who lifts weights and always shows off his muscles by (to everyone’s total disgust) wearing tank-top t-shirts.

In my experience, women who are actually extremely intelligent don’t act like weirdos. And the ones who do fit the nerd stereotype are rather mediocre intellectually.

The reason for this is that men express dominance (including intellectual dominance) anti-socially, whereas women express it socially.

But please be aware that, if a school guidance counselor says that so and so is ‘gifted’, then so and so is probably just a damaged geek, who will be living with mother at the age of 40 and whose intellectual horizons as an adult will extend no further than they did as adolescent.

And if you are actually smart, know that, although you get a pass for your weirdness during your adolescence, the post-college world will rightly show you no mercy—’rightly’, because success is as much about character as it is about intellect (character being a form of intellect, so I have discovered) and also because, without at least some character, one’s intellect tends to whither.

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